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What We Do
In 2002, Dr. Chirantan Ghosh and several of his former patients started the foundation to financially assist people diagnosed with cancer and blood diseases. The foundation was named after Dr. Ghosh's mother, Anna Purna Ghosh. The foundation is now strictly run by the Board, who meets on a monthly basis, working on different awareness and fundraising avenues. Many of the Board members in 2014 are charter members, celebrating over a decade of helping people receive grants and support to fight their particular diseases.

Over the years, a few things have changed, but the major aspects of the mission remain the same. Originally, the foundation was to approve grants for prescribed medication only for the treatment of a disease. This has changed to include prostheses that have been prescribed, as well as medication to help diminish side effects, hoping to help people feel better while dealing with treatment and their recovery.

We raise all the money we use through private fundraising and personal donations. In the Fall of each year, we have a mailing campaign, asking people close to the foundation to help. Those people include previous receivers of aid, survivors, families of patients, and previous donors. Each spring, we also hold a pancake breakfast to help raise additional funds. If you are interested in finding out more information about either fundraiser, or would like to be added to our mailing list, please go to the Contact Us page, and let us know.